This is an archive. The search is over. Robert was found dead on the 22nd of August 2006.
You can find some press on the search.
You can find a log book for reflections on the search for Robert.

Help us   Find Robert Barrington Leigh

MISSING since 13 August 2006 from Edmonton, Alberta

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Recent photo of Robert wearing the same shirt he had on when missing  Robert Barrington Leigh dressed as last seen
Robert after run

Robert's Bike

Tuesday Aug 22nd: Volunteers needed for searches and flyering between the hours of 9:30am and 8:30pm.  Please try to arrive at 9:30am, 1pm or 6pm for a shift.

Volunteer Headquarters is in a new location: 8908-99th St (above the IGA). Please use the updated flyer for any new posters or correct the address before posting. The phone number is unchanged (909-1357).  

Up-to-date media:

Were you at the party in Queen Elizabeth Park on Sun (Aug13) night? Please contact us.

Contact  information:

(780) 423-4567:   for tips/leads which seem to be certain evidence of Robert.  If you  come across anything which appears to be certain evidence of Robert, keep your space and protect the site so as not to contaminate the area.
 Volunteers wanted for ground searches, flyering between 9:30 a.m. and 5pm
To share information: please make sure your tips are specific in location, description, time.  If your tip is very urgent, phone the police. Otherwise, to reach us please keep your tips to office hours.
(tips/leads 10am - 5pm)
(tips/leads 10am - 5pm)
 Press and police only
General, urgent information.  Please send tips/leads to above numbers.
1-800-222-Tips (Crimestoppers)
You can reach us at (this is an email address; you will have to type it, replacing the stars with an "@"):

If you would like to be on an email list to keep abreast of developments, send an email to:

What can I do?

Please coordinate your efforts through the Volunteer Headquarters (see below)

We are also looking for donations:
Monetary donations for advertising, reward, a private investigator/consultant, communications, and transportation can be made at:

 Royal Bank of Canada
 account number:  5213145 (routing number 04509-003)
 name on account: John Barrington Leigh in trust for Find Robert

or via PayPal to

Any funds remaining after Robert is found will be donated to agencies/organizations devoted to finding missing persons

Thank you for all the generosity you have shown.  We have a phenomenal community!

Current operations

Tuesday August 22nd:
While the Police are focussing on the investigation, they have encouraged us to keep searching.
Our volunteer ground search effort will begin earlier, meeting at 9:30am at the NEW Volunteer Headquarters (see above).  Waves of search crews will depart at 9:30am, 1pm and 6pm.  Please bring along a pen and paper to take notes and wear long pants & close-toed shoes. Bring water and snacks. There will be less strenuous search areas as well as steep slopes to choose from, and some new targeted fliering.

Description of Robert:

20 yrs old
height: 6'1”
weight: slim (140-155 lbs)
short brown hair
hazel eyes
soft spoken
(the previously described faint British accent is not consistant in casual conversation.)


short-sleeved button-down shirt (Ben Sherman brand)
blue jeans (Blend brand)
brown leather shoes
grey-blue MEC fleece jacket
blue MEC backpack with purple trim
blue bike helmet (Louis Garneau)
Watch similar to Casio AW43-7E1V, metalic Gray

Robert Barrington Leigh
More photos of Robert

: ( additional photos here)
medium-blue Raleigh “Cliffhanger”, no suspension
road tires similar to Kenda K154
plastic fenders
headlight (Cateye HL500, dark purple case, 2 "C" batteries)
red taillight (Cateye)
short frame
extra high seat (long seat post)
U-lock holder (but no lock)

Robert's Bike
Motorola V180 handset
Case: one thick white low ankle sock with light brown writing, ribbing and toes

Motorola V180
The mechanical pencil and notebook were found at home so they were not with Robert when he left.

Quotes about Robert

"He's smart, happy, and has a bright future"
-John Barrington Craggs, Robert's brother-in-law

"We expect him to go on to graduate studies at one of the world's top universities, and to have a brilliant career"
-Dr. Edward Bierstone, one of Robert's math professors,

Robert's timeline

We last saw Robert at about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night, August 13th, when he left his home at 85th avenue and 98th street on his bike to look at the Folk Festival.  He knew he could not get in to the show, but we understood he planned to view it from the outside and then come home. The festival ended about half past 11pm And at 11:30pm Robert made a text message to a friend on his cell phone.  He has not been seen or heard from since.
As far as we can determine from friends and family, he was very happy. 

: Sunday 13 Aug at 10:30 p.m. heading to Folk Festival on bike, probably through the Mill Creek Ravine and Cloverdale


PRINT OUT A POSTER, and copy/distribute/post it.
You can also pick these up at Headquarters or Search Headquarters (see above)  

(some archived posters)

Search History

(Below are fragments of what has happened -- bits we've had time to write down ..)

Monday August 21st:

Huge effort and large donations of equipment and supplies went into setting up the new Volunteer Headquarters.   Robert's close friends, a crew of firefighters, and other volunteers continued search efforts from 11:30am until 5pm.  A volunteer video crew began filming a 30-second video spot which included a reinactment of Robert sending a text message.  Expanded press coverage across Canada continues. Look for in-studio interview on Canada A.M. on Tuesday morning. Continued flyering brought our total to approx 25,000 flyers and posters delivered.

Sunday Aug 20th:

Volunteer Search started at 11:30am with one of the largest turnouts yet. Search areas included Goldbar Park and other locations. In addition to ground searches, a remote controlled plane provided aerial photographs and some searchers kayaked along the river. Flyering continued around town and across the country.

Volunteer Headquarters moved to its new location on 99th in the afternoon.

Saturday August 19:

The police told us to keep the search going! 

Today we had a great effort by you all. By 11:30 pm at least 90 of you showed up at the volunteer headquarters and were briefed by Janet under the eyes of the press cameras.  We covered some strategic ground in the river valley.  We also made a composite map showing all areas searched, all areas flyered and areas we still need to cover.

Also, there was a mobilisation of friends' networks at campuses across the country: UBC, University of Toronto, ....

Friday August 18:

In part:

Thursday August 17:

Wednesday 16 August:

Progress: Today, further, huge media coverage on all stations/papers. Police began investigations. They also flew Air 1 helicopter.  Massive community support of all kinds continues. We still need more searchers. It is critical that we find Robert, whatever shape he is in, as fast as possible. There is no sign yet. 

8009-102 Street (Specialty Installations Inc)

We need help putting up posters, continuing search, and getting in touch with media...
Major continued search effort starts at 1:00 PM today.  Call us to leave your contact information.
Search HQ will be a business office at 8009-102 St. General headquarters are still at our home, 9820-85th ave.

Tuesday  15 August :

a large number (well over 50) of friends and community gathered to conduct a search of the Mill Creek ravine and nearby river valley.
The 23:00 evening news on Global covers the search as its headline news (see video on this page).

Robert and family

Robert is about to start his last undergraduate year at the University of Toronto.  He has been in the news in the past under more favorable circumstances: e.g.:[2000][2002][2006]
Robert has two parents, three siblings, and additional family members helping in the search in Edmonton.


A collection of media video, audio, and print from across the country has been archived.

some Thank yous! 

Press Releases