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Sat, August 19, 2006

Scholar's family diligent in search

UPDATED: 2006-08-19 01:50:01 MST


EDMONTON -- While police called off their search for Robert Barrington Leigh yesterday, family and friends vowed to keep hunting for the missing 20-year-old scholar.

"It is a bit disappointing," said Barrington Leigh's older sister, Rosalind Barrington Craggs, 34, who came from Vancouver to look for her brother.

"But I understand their point of view."

The search for 20-year-old Robert enters its sixth day today.

Police took over the search Thursday, setting up a command post in Edmonton's Mill Creek area, a few blocks from the Barrington Leigh home.

But with no new leads, there's nothing more they can do on the ground, said police spokesman Lisa Lammi, adding it was a "tough decision" to call it quits at 4 p.m.

"Until you get other information to lead you in another direction, I mean, we could be scouring the whole city. That's just not possible."

She said cops deal with 7,000 missing persons cases a year.

However, Barrington Leigh's disappearance will remain an active police investigation, Lammi said.

Barrington Leigh, a University of Toronto math scholar who was home for a summer visit, hopped on his Raleigh mountain bike Sunday night around 10:30 p.m. to meet friends at a local folk festival.

He hasn't been seen since and the only communication from him was a text message he sent to his girlfriend in Italy the night he vanished.
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