Audio recordings

There are audio recordings from two celebrations, one in Edmonton and one in Toronto.
If you spoke at one of these, don't see yourself listed, and would be willing to have our audio recording of your words included online, please contact us.

Celebrating Robert

Strathcona Community Centre
27 August 2006

02 - Reading_of_story_-_Rosalind.mp3 reading of Robert's writing
03 - Iris_Barrington_Leigh.mp3 mother
04 - Christopher_Barrington_Leigh.mp3 brother Text: Letter to Robert
18 - John_Barrington_Leigh.mp3 father

Celebrating Robert

Junior Common Room
University College
University of Toronto
5 October 2006

Unfortunately the musical performances were not recorded, and the recording started after the beginning of the first speaker.
Ed Barbeau [ogg] (beginning missing)
Catherine Sulem [ogg] (after playing the violin)
David Bailey [ogg]
Matt and Sammy [ogg]
Amin A [ogg]
Closing (Nona Robinson) [ogg]

If your player can't play Ogg Vorbis format (an open standard), please email us for another version.
If you were close to Robert and would like printed and pretty CDs of the Edmonton celebration, we may be able to offer one.